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Today VOVK is not just leader in the clothing segment of Ukrainian market, and also this brand is an owner of the most prestigious awards in Ukraine: "Choice of the year 2016", "Cosmopolitan Awards 2017, "Golden symbol of the quality of national products and services of Ukraine". It has comprised 22 studios for the 5-year experience in the most colourful cities in our country. Every victory of the company is available thanks to the strong team and love to the best side of humanity - women.

VOVK brand works in the fast fashion segment, what allows to renovate the assortment in the studious 5-7 times a week by the new models of the clothes. The reason of love to this brand is in the quality models, natural fabrics using, which let the body breathe and feel the pleasure. Today VOVK - is an own manufacture, online-store, which erasing the borders to buy the lovely clothes from all corners of the world. It's a Ukrainian dream classified made in Ukraine - when it is well-made, always affordable and in style.