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Ted Baker
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The history of Ted Baker originates in 1988 in Great Britain - the city of Glasgow. Initially, its own production was based on the production of men's shirts, which differed in the quality of tailoring, elegance and were not similar one to another. Now under the Ted Baker brand, women's and men's collections of clothing and footwear, as well as accessories are being created. A distinctive feature of all products is their diversity and eccentricity. Thanks to the courage of ideas and impeccable execution of design ideas, the brand won the market and became popular far beyond Britain.

Also, the real popularity of the brand was brought not so much by the style of the products as their superior quality and practicality. Today you can buy Ted Baker in the US, Europe, Australia and the countries of the East. Ted Baker received the "No Ordinary Brand" award as the most extraordinary brand in the British Isles, and in the Ted Baker brand store, some scenes from the 21st movie about  James Bond "Casino Royale" were shot.