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Susia is modern Japanese cuisine restaurants. The first restaurant was opened in December 2006, and in 2012 this number was 33 in 12 regions of Ukraine.

Today Susia is the fastest growing network of Japanese restaurants in Ukraine. From the beginning of work of the First restaurant company made a bid for democracy and quality. The restaurant’s menu offers competitive pricing on a wide variety of popular items. Direct import of basic food of Japanese cuisine makes it possible to adjust the cost of food, while maintaining a high level of quality.

Once a year in the Susia refreshed main menu and sushi bar, on a quarterly basis are special seasonal offers. In June 2011, the company opened an Exact delivery of Sushiya.

Business Susia is based on strict implementation of three principles: fresh, high-quality, useful. Popularity of the network supported by the fact that over 50% of guests attending Susia several times per week.