Charte Bar
2 floor
+38 (062) 332 23 00

CHARTE BAR  - sparkling pause in OCEAN PLAZA

After a successful shopping in the largest shopping centers of New York, London, Milan, Berlin and Paris one can take a break - for a glass of sparkling champagne in the bar. Now it is possible for the residents and guests of Kiev in CHARTE BAR in Ocean Plaza.

The wine list of CHARTE BAR presents the entire ocean sparkling: the most complete map of semi-dry, semi-sweet and brut (TM KRIMART, CREAM, "Artemivsk», CHARTE komilfo), as well as the still wines of Burgundy and Bordeaux, produced in France under the trade mark Charte on the order of ARTWINERY. Wines are served by glasses at an affordable retail price different from the normal restaurant price. In addition, you can purchase exclusive products from Artemovsk Winery: French cognac ART-CONTER, deluxe sparkling wine from SOLOKING, souvenir vodka VILNY STEP for real Cossacks.

Unconditional advantage of CHARTE BAR, in addition to a rich wine list and a client-oriented service, is a  time-bonus: you decide to spend the hour or 10 minutes, the pleasure of tasting is guaranteed in any case.

CHARTE BAR - a place where respect for your time. This pause that inspires the continuation of a long and exciting day in the modern metropolis.

We hope that the tradition of tasting new sparkling wines with each successful purchase will become a visitors tradition  in Ocean Plaza.