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Shopping in a brand store chain is not just an access to a wide range of fresh products at the lowest prices, but also to exclusive items that are available only here.

Only in a brand store chain, you will buy cakes - "Nutcake", "Sour Cream Cake", "Honey Cake", "Vienna Cake".

One more reason to visit a ROSHEN brand store is our marshmallows and pastilles. Light and natural, they have nothing extra but only apple puree, egg whites and agar-agar for marshmallow, and apple puree with whisked egg whites and sugar for pastille. 

Jelly marmalade - "Lemon and orange slices", "Apricot-pear", "Cherry-blackcurrant" - is another exclusive delight of the brand network.

Also, we offer our customers luxury chocolate products - “Chocolate covered prune with walnut”, “Chocolate covered dried apricot”, a line of premium handmade boxed chocolates “Truffle”,  a wide range of “Pills in chocolate”,  assortment "Mini Chocolates", chocolate characters and chocolate candies on a stick, chocolate medals, as well as hot chocolate.

Among the exclusive souvenir sets, you will find a steady line of products with a country theme: boxed chocolates “Kyiv”, sets of mini chocolates “Sofiivska Square” and “Mikhailivska Square”. These sets will make a nice present as a memory about our country and capital, while your friends and you will be highly impressed with the quality of Ukrainian chocolate.

ROSHEN brand stores also offer souvenir gifts for kids - thermoses, lunch boxes, cups and bottles for water, as well as fluffy toys. A range of these products is constantly expanding and changing, so visit the nearest store to see the latest acquisitions!