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Oodji, a young European brand, which dates back to 1998 when its first women’s apparel and accessories collection was released. 

Initially, the brand’s name was OGGI. However, when entering international markets in autumn 2010 spelling of its logo was changed to the consonant “oodji”, which is translated from Italian as “today”.

Change of the brand’s name had allowed the company to turn over a new page – oodji launched a new men’s clothing and accessories collection created by the brand’s designers in Paris design bureau.

In 2012 oodji went out with a new business area - oodji shoes – trendy footwear for women and men. You can find trendy outfits for every occasion in oodji: for home, an active leisure, and a romantic date. In addition, the peculiarity of oodji collections is urgency in everything - in styles, colors, fabrics. It is important that among other advantages of the oodji brand are frequen