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Reverential attitude to every client and cultivation of health in MELVITA exclusive boutique. 
The only one in Ukraine MELVITA leading French brand organic cosmetics shop is located on the 1sT floor of Ocean Plaza shopping center. The shop offers a full range of unique products for skin and hair care based on bee products. Today, near 90 items of goods are presented here: PULPE DE ROSE, BIO-EXCELLENCE LIFT, NECTAR BRIGHT, NECTAR PUR, NECTAR DE ROSE, APICOSMA, L'OR BIO, L'ARGAN BIO product lines. According to brand manager Elena Kolesnik, “The range of lines rulers will be updated 3 times a year.”
MELVITA Company has grown from a beekeeping farm in the Ardèche, France. In 1983, its founder Bernard Chevilly released the first cosmetic line based on bee products. To this day, the company's products are manufactured in the town of Lagorce (Ardèche department, south of France).
Today MELVITA manufactures a complete line of products for personal care: soap, face care and body care products, perfume. The product range of the brand includes more than 400 items.
MELVITA became one of the first brands that received ECOCERT certificate proving compliance to the standards of producing organic cosmetics by the best brands. These standards have been developed in 2002 in conjunction with the largest French association of manufacturers of organic and ecological cosmetics COSMEBIO which further identified a new trend in the field of beauty – natural and ecological cosmetics.