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LORIBLU is one of the leading brands in luxury shoes business and is a force to reckon with amongst celebrities and fashionistas. The brand became phenomenal because it clearly defines its consumers’ taste for handcrafted details in footwear. It is known for creating outstanding models like the jewel sandals with rhinestones, crystals, Swarovski stones that made its mark with new elegant and sophisticated fashion trend.

The Loriblu shoes are extremely feminine shoe that are trendy, innovative and unique masterpieces. Established in the early 70s, the brand was founded by Graziano Cuccu’ and Annarita Pilotti. Today LORIBLU’s positioning is purely international with its important presence in exclusive markets. The brand expresses entirely the solidity of a tight knit team and of a staff formed by highly qualified and skilled professional figures and craftsmen.

LORIBLU shoes rely attention on details, on research of materials, on its precious qualities and on its exclusivity. The Style Office is the cohesion and creative coordination element, directed since the beginning by Graziano Cuccù, stylist of all collections.