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The French jewellery bijouterie brand Les Nereides has received the status of "cult " a long time ago. And it's a well-taken desision , because these producе are distinguished by a particular style. The most suitable epithets for describing the style are "exquisite", "elegant", "romantic". It can't be otherwise, because  "parents" of the brand  are French designers Enzo and Pascale Amaddeo. Their dream was to create a designer's bijouterie ,which can realize their ideas, inspiration and  impression .The delicate name Les Nereides  means "sea nymphs."

Today the cult brand boutiques, where you can find designer's bijouterie are opened in Italy, France, UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia.

The first Les Nereides boutique in Ukraine was opened  in November 9, 2013 in the heart of the Odesa city,near the famous Odessa Opera House, in Ekateryninska street 8/10.The second  official representative store of the French jewellery bijouterie was opened in Kiev, in the largest metropolitan shopping center Ocean Plaza in August 2015

All the most popular collections of famous French bijouterie are presented in our stores. Furthermore , twice a year we receive new designer's jewelry -collections are updated in autumn and spring. And every time it's not just products, it's interesting and unusual ideas that are embodied  by Les Nereides jewellers. It could be characters of the famous fairy tales or fantastic creatures, graceful animals or magical flowers. . And of course, it has new versions of  Pas de Deux and Diamantine classical collections.So ,deciding to buy designer's bijouterie of this brand, you become the owner of not just exquisite jewelry but of miniature masterpiece with a unique history.