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LC Waikiki was founded in France in 1988, by French designer Georges Amoual and his partner. Waikiki is a beach in Hawaii. The partners created the brand LC Waikiki, adding "LC" to the word "Waikiki" which is the abbreviation "Les Copains" - from the French "friends". In 1997, Tema Group, engaged in research on how to create its own brand, decided that they would buy LC Waikiki, which was then a French brand. In 2009, LC Waikiki opened its first international store in Romania. To date, we have 850 stores in 38 countries (469 in Turkey), including in Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Morocco, Poland , Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Ukraine, Indonesia, Kenya. The store LC Waikiki represents goods for women, men, teenagers, pregnant women, children, babies, also, visitors can pick up accessories and shoes. In addition, women and men can pick a favorite style - classic, casual or sporty.