G-Star RAW
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From its establishment in 1989, G-Star has been known for its innovative and cutting edge style in the world of denim. Pushing the boundaries, continuous experimentation with denim and product development, has led to a strong following worldwide. The rough, rudimentary and raw characteristics of the brand allows G-Star RAW to maintain its distinct and unorthodox style.

The phrase "Just the product" has always been G-Star's philosophy and market approach. The development of innovative products like RAW Denim, which has had a major influence on the jeans market, was a natural consequence. Since the premiere of Raw Denim in 1996, G-Star has broadened its concept to include a newer and edgier image, appealing to all styles, trends and ages, while keeping the product in the purest form. Authentic details and functional attributes give the collection a strong sense of identity.

Innovation and perfection of the product are imperative to G-Star. Each season, the denim collection serves as a basis of the line, while authentic details and innovative washings are added. The brand has seen multiple breakthroughs in the past few years and continues to reach out to many different markets around the world.

The G-Star brand is a style of all times. Futuristic and cautious. Far-reaching and experimental. Alternative and traditional. G-Star is making eccentric combinations, based on maintaining authenticity. Never be the one who follows the crowd — this is what all G-Star collections are about.