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In 1985, Rich and Greg Komen from the company Restaurants Unlimited in Seattle, Washington, wished to create «the best cinnamon rolls in the world» according to a new concept of its own design. They turned to local confectioner, and three months later after hundreds of culinary experiments and many trips to Indonesia in search of the best cinnamon, they created a recipe of Cinnabon. The first Cinnabon bakery was opened December 5, 1985 in a shopping complex Sea Tac. Since this bakery Cinnabon has become a worldwide phenomenon with unmatched attractiveness offering pastries with a unique proprietary cinnamon (Makara®): Classic Cinnabons, Minibons, Cinnabon Bates, Pekanbons, CinnaPacks and Cinnabon Sticks, and various beverages, such as Mokalatta and cold drinks Chillatta with different flavor. Whatever your mood is, we believe Life Needs Frosting®. Our motto is reminiscent of our world-famous delicacy and even more — the meaning of our existence: We provide you with so necessary balance in your life. For moms with kids and packages with purchases for travelers with numerous suitcases for students who need rest during studying, for anyone who wants to relax nicely — Cinnabon — is your salvation, your little vacation, sweet slice of your life. Our secret Our legendary fresh pastries are a dream of many people. The foundation of our confidence that inspires for the creation of new proposals is the classic sweet cinnamon rolls with rich and unique taste, honored by millions of people. It is interesting to observe how light wet dough in the capable hands of bakers of Cinnabon turns into fresh delicious bun — a real art. Cinnabon buns contain the world’s best cinnamon Makara. It is harvested in Indonesia. It has a unique, strong, spicy and sophisticated scent. The sweet scent attracts visitors to the counter, and pastries stuffed with cinnamon, icing sugar greased unmatched with cream cheese, and our delicious hot and cold drinks are leaving the visitors a unique, unforgettable memories.