Personal Office
GD Cashmere
1 floor
10:00 - 22:00

A monobrand boutique GD Cashmere.

The brand store of the Ukrainian designer and founder, Inna Golitsyna, will please all visitors of the mall with clothing collections from cashmere, merino wool, silk and cotton from Italian suppliers.

The GD Cashmere brand appeared in 2015 and since then has taken its place in the Ukrainian fashion market. Nowadays, under this TM is produced knitted clothing made from natural materials: merino wool, long-staple cotton, cashmere, viscose, yak wool, angora and alpaca, as well as silk. 

The new store will feature the entire collection of the brand. Clothes from GD CASHMERE are for a progressive audience: wealthy men and women, who often choose not a trendy look, but a deep content.

Today, GD CASHMERE products can be purchased online worldwide through various sites, such as Amazon, Zapoos, etc. In the near future it is also planned to open stores in Poland, Germany and other countries.